Wrap Up: Cléo Charuet (aka Cleoburo) & Lucas Sharp

Cleoburo Lucas Sharp

The fifth and final night of #tptalks16! So sad! It was a wonderful night, as they all have been. We’re going to miss getting together each Wednesday once we’re all back home and far away from one another again. Our opener, Cleoburo, gave a fascinating insight into her work, and the challenges and rewards experienced… Read more

Wrap Up: Bernard Brechet & Alexandra Korolkova Talks


What a nice, intimate gathering it was for #typetalks16 Week 04. With the Bastille celebrations the next day, a lot of folks were conserving their energies (or heading away for the long weekend), so we were left with a little extra seating space and beer to enjoy. However the night was no less exciting –… Read more

TypeParis16: Presentation day!

Presentation day

Since the Monday 20 June 2016, a group of attendees from more than 10 different countries worked everyday on a typeface family. It was hard, but so good. They will present the result to conclude this second edition of TypeParis on Friday 22 July 2016, 16:00. Language English mostly, partially in French. As it’s a free event, online… Read more

Wrap Up: Helena Ichbiah & Peter Biľak Talks


It’s an absolute joy to squeeze into a room with 130 other type-lovers, drink beer, eat cherry tomatoes dipped in yummy tzatziki, laugh and catch up on each other’s week, and then hear from inspiring and talented people that are forging new ground in the industry we love. And then drink a little more beer…. Read more

Wrap up: Pierre di Sciullo & Martina Flor talks

Pierre di Sciullo and Martina Flor

The second #tptalks16 on Wednesday 28th June was an excellent night. It was great to see so many people come to the session to hear from our guest speakers, Martina Flor & Pierre di Sciullo. Pierre was such a character! And so incredibly talented. His work is so different to the styles we see around… Read more

Wrap up: Des Signes & Indra Kupferschmid talks

Des Signes, Indra Kupferschmid

The first #tptalks16 session was a great success. It’s so wonderful seeing so many people united by their love for type! Franklin Desclouds shared an impressive portfolio of recent projects. From Des Signes identity of Château de Versailles to Nuit Blanche event. Always working beautifully with colors, transparency and typography. It’s easy to see how… Read more

A great line up of speakers for the free talks in Paris!

tptalks16 announced

Following the last year edition, we comeback each Wednesday in Paris for the #tptalks16. A serie of talks open to the local parisian public and available online to the world. This is a free event but the venue is limited to 130 people. After this limit, you will be added to the waiting list, and… Read more

Loran Stosskopf + Fred Smeijers at TypeParis15

Loran Stosskopf + Fred Smeijers

This new Type@Paris evening took place on Wednesday 15 July 2015 night at Le Tank. This last #tptalks15 of the summer was great. Loran Stosskopf, presented his redesign of Télérama, as well various recent projects for cultural institutions like the French Ministry of Culture, Paris Musées, etc. Fred Smeijers, type designer will discuss about mixing… Read more

Laurence Madrelle + Lucas de Groot at TypeParis15

Laurence Madrelle + Lucas de Groot

The third lecture of the Type@Paris program took place on Wednesday 8 July 2015 night at Le Tank. This #tptalks15 was a another succes. Laurence Madrelle, presented her projects for Sceaux city, and few others. Lucas de Groot, type designer, first time in Paris since 30 years, discussed about Thesis, Calibri projects (.etc) and his… Read more

Claudia de Almeida + Henrik Kubel at TypeParis15

Claudia de Almeida + Henrik Kubel

The third lecture of the Type@Paris program took place on Wednesday 1 July 2015 night at Le Tank. This #tptalks15 was a success, despite hottest temperature of the year in Paris. Pizza and beer was amazing as well as the performance of speakers, Claudia de Almeida + Henrik Kubel. Claudia de Almeida Watch it (in… Read more

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