TypeParis is an intensive programme based in Paris. Our unique approach continues the long tradition of type design study that started in France back in the 1970’s. This year is already full. To don’t miss the 14 March 2018 deadline, subscribe to our mailing list!


Learn from renowned professionals and experienced instructors including Xavier Dupré, Indra Kupferschmid, Jean François Porchez (founder of TypeParis), Julien Priez and Mathieu Réguer. The weekly international confirmed guest critics for #typeparis17 are Veronika Burian, Marina Chaccur, Stéphane Elbaz, Mário Feliciano, Albert-Jan Pool and Sumner Stone. In previous years, great people joined us too!


The comprehensive programme runs 5 days a week for 5 weeks. The majority of sessions will be provided by two instructors together. With two sessions a day, instructors will deliver 340 hours of instruction during the 5 weeks. During this time several visits have been arranged to see notable french institutions and discover the immense and fascinating history of type, including the collections at Bibliothèque Nationale, Bibliothèque Mazarine, Paul Jammes bookshop, Musée de l’Imprimerie in Lyon, etc.

Each Tuesday in Paris we organize the #tptalks17 (see last year #tptalks16). A series of free talks open to the public and streamed live to the world. The amazing evenings involve two speakers and one facilitator. A tote-bag full of typographic goodies is given to all attendees! The evenings run late with conversation, food and drink. This year the weekly international guests will speaks as many others: Olivier Alexanian, Thibault Caizergues, Agnès Dahan, Stéphane Elbaz, François Morel, Sylvia Tournerie.


The programme is in English and covers the learning of know-how in typeface design and calligraphy techniques, type history, and modern software practices. Attendees will gain knowledge through references and perspectives to help understand the key structure of letterforms. This forms the necessary foundation required in order to create a contemporary typeface design. Participants leave the programme with the specialized skills to help them design professional high quality digital typefaces, lettering and logotypes.

The #typeparis17 programme will take place between 19 June 2017 and 21 July 2017. Your daily presence is required for the validation of the programme certificate. The programme is limited to 15 participants. More details on FAQ.


4200 Euros tuition-fees cover the programme
and related visits for 5 weeks.


You are an experienced graphic designer, typographer, web designer or even design school typography teacher.

You are a recent design student graduate, passionate and eager to deepen your typography skills and knowledge.

You want to try an immersive typographic programme in order to gain a better understanding of what it takes to produce professional type designs at a high level of quality.

In 2016+2015 the attendees came from all over the world: Australia, Canada, France, India, Lebanon, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sweeden, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and the United States. See the results of #typeparis16 on twitter and instagram produced by the People that attended and read the reports on our News section.

“TypeParis Summer 2017 will be an unprecedented opportunity to learn about contemporary digital type from a Gallic perspective. It’s about time.”

Paul Shaw

Blue Pencil

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Email Phone +33 146 54 26 92 Website typeparis.com

Courses location: ECV (École de communication visuelle), 27 rue Buffon, 75005 Paris, France

How to get there? click here for map

Master class schedule and calendar

Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 19:00:

  1. Four days a week: 2 sessions of 3 hours with open studio time in between.

  2. One specfic day by week reserved to visit notable french instutions and rare typographic places.

  3. One evening by week: Lecture from 19:00 to 21:30.

Terms of Registration


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TypeParis is a Master class dedicated to type design during 5 intensive weeks of workshop most notably based 4 days a week in ECV (École de Communication Visuelle), 27 rue Buffon, 750005 Paris, France.



1. Any pre-registration must be posted on typeparis.com before the announced deadline: registration fee via our online payment page and requested documents (cover letter, portfolio, study courses, professional courses) by email. 2. The pre-registration fee of 80 euros are not refundable and imperative for any registration in order to be considered. Similarly, any incomplete applications will be rejected.

Definitive registration

1. An acceptance notification will be sent by email to each trainee with payment instructions and training Agreement. 2. Tuition of each accepted applicant have to be paid in full to TypeParis no later than the deadline provided into the acceptance notification sent by email to each candidate.

Terms of payment

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Internal regulation

Registration to the TypeParis Master Class involves acceptance of this internal regulation. The Master Class is organized by ZeCraft & Typofonderie and hosted by ECV (École de Communication Visuelle). This internal regulations defines the rules of existence applicable to trainees. It aims to offer a harmonious working environment and to ensure safety inside the ECV premises.

This internal regulation must be accepted by each trainee.

Security and neighborhood

In accordance to the current law, it is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the premises of the school. It also is requested to the trainees to respect the school’s neighborhood and not to disperse butts, especially on the public highway close to the school.

Drinking alcohol is prohibited in the school compound, except of events authorized by management.

Trainees must imperatively be aware of general safety, especially in case of fire. They are required to participate in evacuation drills.

Premises and equipment

Access to school premises (reception, classroom, conference room, restrooms and cafeteria) is reserved to trainees and persons authorized to get access.

Trainees commit to maintain and respect the tidiness of the premises made available to them. After each classes, classroom and equipment have to be tidy: each trainee, leaving its desk, must leave it clean and ready to be used by any other trainee.

Any distribution or fliers display or of any document by trainees will have to be previously authorized and law-abiding.

Any borrowed equipment must be put back in place. Use of material made available to trainees: printer, computer, audiovisual, etc. is subject to certain rules that will have to be respected.

Trainees are responsible for the proper use of this equipment. For any damaged or lost equipment a compensation will be expressly demanded to the concerned trainee. Likewise, any deterioration of premises, or furnitures is payable by the trainee or by its legal guardian.

The school can not be held liable for the disappearance or infringement to personal items, which ones are considered to remain under safekeeping of its owner.

Disciplinary punishments

Any failure from the trainee to the school internal regulation justifies sanctions ranging from a simple warning to a temporary or definitive expulsion.

Social security and insurance

Each trainee from Euro zone must be affiliated to the social security scheme. An insurance for “civil liability and accidents” must be subscribed by the trainee. Trainees out of Euro zone must obligatory subscribe to a healthy insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the program and how much time will be spent in class?How many people will be admitted into this Program?Should I expect to spend time to working, once out of the classroom?How will TypeParis trainees be evaluated?Which materials and software do I need to supply to attend courses?Do I already need to have acquired specific skills with some computer softwares?If I already have experience designing typefaces, am I overqualified for the programme?In which area of Paris, TypeParis is located?AccommodationCan I register in the TypeParis programme without any undergraduate degree?What are the requested elements to apply to the summer typeface design programme?During the pre-registration process, can I send a link to my portfolio online instead of e-mailing images?What about if I’m not a French or a resident participant?Type@Paris or TypeParis?Hashtags


TypeParis will it be taught in English?

The program will be taught in English, but the French instructors will be happy to speak in French to participants in certain occasions.

How long is the program and how much time will be spent in class?

The TypeParis programme will last during 5 intensive weeks comprising of 160 in-class hours. Classes meet from 9:00 to 19:00 in 3 to 5 hours sessions, with open studio time in between. Instructors will deliver 340 hours of instruction during the 5 weeks.

How many people will be admitted into this Program?

TypeParis will accept around 15 attendees. Because small team means a closer individual proximity with intsructors/international guests, and also a precious help in developing attendees’ skill levels. For most of the sessions, two instructors will be present on the class.

Should I expect to spend time to working, once out of the classroom?

All this may vary depending your skills and experience. Overall though this investment we can estimate around 10 to 20 extra hours every week.

How will TypeParis trainees be evaluated?

We expect from each attendee to working with envy, to be involved and to demonstrate its understanding of the concepts taught in this program. The work of each attendee will be evaluated weekly by an invited expert in type design. The attendee’s typeface will be evaluated at the end of the programme during which a final presentation will determine the obtention of the “TypeParis” Certificate.

As of TypeParis17, “with distinction” recognises students with a particularly high quality of work.

Which materials and software do I need to supply to attend courses?

Just bring your laptop, generally a recent Apple Macbook running a no older than two years old Mac OS is fine.

We will provide (included in the tuition fee) type design apps complimentary license for 5 weeks, along specific set graphic design equipement as well paper, tracing paper to each attendee. You will indeed have access to Internet as well a laser printer with the necessary paper for your everyday needs.

You also will received the official TypeParis T-shirt of the year, a totebag, full of typeface specimens, goodies and so on.

Do I already need to have acquired specific skills with some computer softwares?

Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite is recommended, particularly vector drawing (as with Illustrator’s pen tool). Knowledge of Glyphs, Robofont or FontLab is a plus.

If I already have experience designing typefaces, am I overqualified for the programme?

Not at all. We encourage appliants with previous experience. Even if some materials can seem familiar to you, it’s also the opportunity of learn an other approach of design process.

In which area of Paris, TypeParis is located?

TypeParis is located at ECV Paris Buffon, on Latin quarter border, in front of the Jardin des Plantes, not far away from the Seine. This situation looks perfect for summertime.


Accommodation cost isn’t included on the price. You have to find by yourself the place to stay in Paris.

Can I register in the TypeParis programme without any undergraduate degree?

No prior degree necessary. However, previous studies or knowledges in graphic design or typeface will be considered a plus during the selection process.

What are the requested elements to apply to the summer typeface design programme?

No. Please follow the instructions as listed on the Program/Application Materials section when launched. You will have to prepare a single A4 sized PDF that is no larger than 10 MB. The PDF needs to include the following two sections: Portfolio No more than twelve graphic/typographic design projects. These should demonstrate your proficiency in graphic design, typography, lettering and knowledge of Béziers curves! If a project involves other people please state your role. Curriculum-résumé Additonal information including any specific courses or workshops you’ve undertaken; which software applications you are proficient with; and any traditional technics or skills such as calligraphy and lettering.

No. Please follow the instructions as listed on the Program/Application Materials section when launched.

What about if I’m not a French or a resident participant?

This program treats all applicants equally regardless of residency. TypeParis will not qualify trainees for International attendees visas and is not able to assist you in getting a travel visa of any kind. We therefore ask you to read with the highest attention the government guidelines for visas to the France. More here.

Type@Paris or TypeParis?

The logotype set in Anisette Petite feature the @ sign in thin weight, and we use it for various identity applications. But we pronounce and wrote it TypeParis.


Officials hashtags for the program are #typeparis, for the 2018 edition it is #typeparis18. The talks official hashtag for 2018 is #tptalks17. For the year 2017 it was #typeparis17. The talks official hashtag for 2017 was #tptalks17. For the year 2016 it was #typeparis16. The talks official hashtag for 2016 was #tptalks16.

Program Endorsements

“The French trainees used to go abroad to study type design, now the renowned international typography experts come to Paris.”

Peter Bilak

Type designer & founder of Typotheque

“Type@Paris is definitely the event every type lover was waiting for. We don’t have a a lot of opportunity to share this passion, particularly in France, so it would be a shame to miss it!”


Website and Instagram

“A five week journey into the craft of type design is a fantastic and worthwhile introduction. I’m confident that the team teaching Type@Paris will encourage and inspire students, as there is no substitute for learning from experienced practitioners.”

Mark De Winne

(MA. Type & Media, 2014), Relay Room

“A brilliant combination of tutoring and talks with, among other luminaries of the type world, award winning designer and educator, Jean François Porchez. And it’s hosted in Paris! What could be better.”

John Boardley

I Love Typography

“I had the privilege of learning under the tuition of Jean François Porchez, a great mentor who taught me a way of hand drawing type design that I continue to apply everyday. I am eternally grateful for his support and his help. Don’t miss this opportunity: type design, inspirational talks and great mentors, all in the old and beautiful Paris, it can’t get any better than that!”

Maria Montes

Website and Instagram

“Type@Paris Summer 2015 will be an unprecedented opportunity to learn about contemporary digital type from a Gallic perspective. It’s about time.”

Paul Shaw

Blue Pencil