Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program and how much time will be spent in class?

The TypeParis program will last during 5 intensive weeks comprising of 160 in-class hours. Classes meet from 9:00 to 19:00 in 3 hours sessions, with open studio time in between.

How many people will be admitted into this Program?

TypeParis will accept around 15 attendees. Because small team means a closer individual proximity with teachers/ invited lecturers, and also a precious help in developing attendees’ skill levels.

Should I expect to spend time to working, once out of the classroom?

All this may vary depending your skills and experience. Overall though this investment we can estimate around 10 to 20 extra hours every week.

How will TypeParis trainees be evaluated?

We expect from each attendee to working with envy, to be involved and to demonstrate its understanding of the concepts taught in this program. The work of each attendee will be evaluated weekly by an invited expert in type design. The attendee’s typeface will be evaluated at the end of the program during which a final presentation will determine the obtention of the “TypeParis” Certificate.

As of TypeParis17, “with distinction” recognises students with a particularly high quality of work.

Which materials and software do I need to supply to attend courses?

A software and equipment list (usual graphic designer sets) needed during your class sessions will be provided following your registration confirmation.

We will provide type design apps complimentary license for 5 weeks, along specific calligraphy tools. You will indeed have access to Internet as well a laser printer with the necessary paper for your everyday needs (included in the tuition fee).

Do I already need to have acquired specific skills with some computer softwares?

Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite is recommended, particularly vector drawing (as with Illustrator’s pen tool). Knowledge of Robofont, FontLab or Glyphs is a plus.

TypeParis will it be taught in English?

The program will be taught in English, but the French instructors will be happy to speak in French to participants in certain occasions.

If I already have experience designing typefaces, am I overqualified for the program?

Not at all. We encourage appliants with previous experience. Even if some materials can seem familiar to you, it’s also the opportunity of learn an other approach of design process.

In which area of Paris, TypeParis is located?

TypeParis is located at ECV Paris Buffon, on Latin quarter border, in front of the Jardin des Plantes, not far away from the Seine. This situation looks perfect for summertime.


Accommodation cost isn’t included on the price. You have to find by yourself the place to stay in Paris.

Can I register in the TypeParis Program without any undergraduate degree?

No prior degree necessary. However, previous studies or knowledges in graphic design or typeface will be considered a plus during the selection process.

No. Please follow the instructions as listed on the Program/Application Materials section.

What about if I’m not a French or a resident participant?

This program treats all applicants equally regardless of residency. TypeParis will not qualify trainees for International attendees visas and is not able to assist you in getting a travel visa of any kind. We therefore ask you to read with the highest attention the government guidelines for visas to the France. More here.

Type@Paris or TypeParis?

The logotype set in Anisette Petite feature the @ sign in thin weight, and we use it for various identity applications. But we pronounce and wrote it TypeParis.


Officials hashtags for the program are #typeparis, for the 2017 edition it is #typeparis17. The talks official hashtag for 2017 is #tptalks17. For the past year it was #typeparis16. The talks official hashtag for 2016 was #tptalks16.

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